JEEVAN INITIATIVE utilises 100% proceeds from these Tee Shirts for its social activity programmes. One can purchase those Tee-Shitrs online.

a. NO BRIBERY PLEASE series: ‘Don’t ask for bribe. I don’t like. I may even get angry’. We don’t like corruption, yet somehow are habitual of it. Now at least declare that we really don’t like it and let's threaten those bribe-hunters.

b. GOOD NEWS series: ‘Almost suffocated by horrible smell of bad news. Got a little fragrance of good news for my lungs?’ Bad news dominates our media, society and psyche. Let’s support and promote good news. Talking more about bad will not cause good. Drumbeat of good may quieten down bad. Let’s talk positive for negating the negative.

c. BRIDGE series: ‘I wish to be a Bridge, not an Isolated Island’. Maps, faiths, power politics have divided us, making us isolated islands in this sea of humanity. But we wish to be bridges, symbols of union, not division.

d. DESIRE TO FLY series: ‘The Sky is mine till I’ve Desire to Fly!’ If we walk, we’ll reach! We can capture our shares in the sky as long as we wish for and set aim on it.

e. RAIN series: ‘Got Umbrella yet Love Touch of Rain’. Our 'civilized' world always cries for the natural. Leaving this and embracing that is not possible, and yet we can have both worlds by not forgetting the natural touches, even within the periphery of our civilized modernity.


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